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Angela's List of East Harlem Links
Letter from East Harlem by Nathan Glazer:                                                                               http://www.city-journal.org/article02.php?aid=1584
Visit my history/genealogy blog:
This is a fantastic social networking site for people who once lived in East Harlem. "Always in East Harlem." If you are looking for old friends, don't miss this site!
Read the history of Morrone's Bakery of East Harlem. Although they have recently bid farewell to the neighborhood, this site offers viewers a nostalgic glimpse of what once was a thriving family bakery.
More info on Morrone's Bakery. Visit am New York's website to view their photo gallery. http://www.amny.com/news/local/am-bakery0919-gallery,0,7327536.photogallery
Last,but not least, don't miss a visit to Morrone's very own website. The family has a farewell message to their loyal customers on this site. They also have a photo gallery, video's and other nostalgic pearls that you shouldn't miss!

*Here's a quote from Tom Webber's Book, "Flying over 96th Street."  "I carry East Harlem within me wherever I go just as surely as I carry my likes and dislikes, my beliefs and values. Yes, I'm an American. Yes, I'm English and a little Irish and who knows what else. But I'm more than just plain old white. I'm Tom of 105th Street, Tom of the Wilson Houses, Tom of El Barrio. I can diddy-bop, give skin, hold my own in a sounding match, eat bacalao with relish, and speak some pointed Spanish. I've been changed and molded by the neighborhood, taken El Barrio, like the air I breathe, into my blood. At my core, in my hearts of hearts, in my corazon, I'm an East Harlem White Boy." *

Want to read the script from the movie, "American Gangster?"  Here's how:
Learn some interesting facts about Italian Harlem with wikipedia!
  • NewspaperArchive.com is a great place to research your family history. They have an easy and intuitive interface and a lot of content. If you are looking for birth notices, marriage records, death notices, or any family news that might have been printed in a newspaper, check out NewspaperArchive.com.
  • 250x250_familyhist_dark_1.jpg

    Click on this link to find out which celebrities came out of Italian Harlem, a.k.a. East Harlem. Charlie DeMonte has created a fabulous site for people who lived in East Harlem. You might have noticed that I already listed this site as one of my web links, and for faster access to particularly great information, I will be listing this site again in the future.

    Next stop... The Giglio Society of East Harlem...It's a must-see! Bookmark it, add it to your favorites, save it to your desktop...This is a wonderful site chock full of videos, pictures and great links. I became a fan of this site over 4 years ago, and I always discover new and engaging content that has been added since my last visit.  Anyone interested in East Harlem, the tradition of the Giglio Feast, and Italian-American heritage, will truly enjoy this cultural pearl! Molto Buono!


    P.S. Wait... There's more!  Visit Bobby Maida's picture gallery on Shutterfly. You'll find a plethora of Giglio photos from 2008, photos of recent East Harlem events,and great videos of Giglio feasts- past and present. Enjoy the show :-)

    Having a difficult time finding a photo of your old building in East Harlem? Don't despair, because Robert Santorelli, an East Harlem native, has painstakingly photographed a VAST amount of buildings in the old neighborhood. Click on the link below to view Robert's online photo gallery and webstore. To the left of the page, you will find his other albums with many photos documenting East Harlem in all it's glory! You can purchase his photos through this website,"sans" his watermark, for a reasonable price. Tutto Bene,Roberto! Molto Grazie!

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